Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Meyham and foolishness

ver have fun and not realize you really are working?

Twice a week, most weeks, I schlepp to the pool at 5:45 a.m. for a water class. Gets my day off to a very energetic start. We'd had a very loyal teacher for the past year and, suddenly to us, she was replaced. So, of course that day, I was grumbly.

I've since changed my tune. This morning as I was entering the locker room, I heard them singing Tequila in the pool. Sounded like a BIG party. It was. But once I jumped in, grabbed a noodle and did the moves, yeowoooosah. She was really working our cores. No one minded.

Lotsa karaoke happening as we twisted, splashed and yanked our bodies all over the pool. I even said to her she had a way of making us think we're playing when, in reality, she was whipping our cores into shape. She just smiled and said, "If it's not going to be fun, I don't want to be here."

Later, this morning, I watched a video about students at Wilmington College who have been identified as leader-scholars and are claiming a larger Quaker presence on that campus. It was entitled "Meyham and Foolishness" and began with this small group cutting up. Not the stuffy Quakers that might come to mind. The end settled into showing the depth and emotion of their companionship and collective journey. But they've had a lot of fun along the way.

That's what I want. More fun along the journey. Fortunately, my children often call me to that place and not always willingly.

Last week's very intense spiritual writing conference was softened and enjoyable because of several humorous forays. The deep connections can also be joyful, I often need reminding.

I hadn't banked on so many business sessions and academic discussions. There were exceptions, like being overjoyed at the crayons and paper spread across the tables of a workshop. I saw many tense at the props. The person next to me and I dove right in as blissful kids.

In the midst of many writers, I could see that as an artist, I was on a different page. A very non-intellectual page.

Thankfully, the pockets that flew in a different sphere, or the young adults who had just published a very living book stoked my creative fire. A bleak picture of the traditional good-old-publishing network was shattered by the enthusiasm, challenge and adaptation to new media of the younger generation. They worked hard and played hard – a great model.

This girl just wants to have fun ... as often as possible.

• Where is the playfulness in my life?
• Do I enjoy or seek it out with others?
• What's a time when I approached something serious with humor, joy or lightheartedness?
• What difference did that make?
• Do I model it for others or need permission?



to the
of creativity

I want
a playful

I am

the kind
that kicks off
her shoes
even if the
is too cold

instead of
to wade
in the

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