Monday, May 16, 2011

Climbing back into life

Listen to this post:

What if life is ALL there is? That we don't own life, but are life?

Reading Eckhart Tolle's Stillness Speaks bring me here.

What if it's not something to be used up and gotten through. But something to savor, enjoy, revel in and discover your essence NOW and just be it. No projections. Who and how would we be then?

I would be creating beauty, nurture, love and peace in the world and myself. I would be as compassionate with those that have more than I do as I am already with those that have the same or less.

I would not let myself feel inferior, rage into self doubt or deprive myself of joy and the worldly tools to get there.

I would have ONE system. not a spiritual one AND a secular one. Not an inner one AND an outer one. Not an unmasked one AND a masked one. Not a true me AND a social me.

I would understand that I can and should use the material world to enhance the spiritual one, recognizing that I am the bridge between.

I would see every experience through the eyes of love and wisdom instead of drowning in isolation and defeat.

I would learn to take the harsh realities as moments of spiritual growth and transformation.

I wouldn't judge those moments or my response, but accept them as a part of the process of living.

I would see that living fully is constant change. I would become more fluid and soften into that current.

I would know I am the current. A part that must intimately know and show itself to others in the current, bumping up against, encouraging and nurturing them to do the same. So that we would all shine together as one.

Can you image the power and intensity of that?

I am wondering if that's what life is all about.

• In what dualities do I live?
• What vision of oneness can I create?
• How much energy do I expend being something other than my true self?
• What if I focused that energy on being me?
• What if we all did?

we climbed out fresh and new
open, vulnerable, willing and loving

the more time we spent in this foreign place,
the more it molded us

we forgot our origins, replacing
the sense of connection with isolation

working hard at being our own person,
separate, distinct and removed

we walked sleeping through life
swayed by what lay on the surface

until that thing in us
called out, demanding
we pay attention

sometimes it was pain,
discontent or just plain lonliness

we were created to be connected
and that urge will propel us

back into the flow of life,
just being

being where we belong with each other


  1. Bingo, Cathy, bingo......

  2. funny, that's pretty much what Tad said; appreciate your reading

  3. Nice work Cathy. I love the idea of what it would look like.. my question then is how do we undo the dualities that have been so etched into our heads? peace to you always, linda d

  4. Good question, Linda. I think it's a re-creating. Peace to you, always F/friend!
    -- Cathy

  5. have a read