Sunday, December 25, 2011

I believe

Listen to this post:

I can live a rather Scrooge-like
existence sometimes,
insulating myself from the world.
But then I am the poorer.

Poorer without the
connections to others,
my deeper self and,
mostly, with God.

When God is awakened
in my heart, much like
in the beloved Dickens’
character, I am giddy.

Giddy with an
unconditional love
that feels like
no other.
Love for my
children is the feeling
that comes closest.

I like to call it
That’s what we named
it when we held our babies,
skin to skin.

Nestled up close where,
I believe, Spirit would
always have us.

It is we who wander.

And for me, it is the
vulnerable baby
we are reminded of
this time of year …
in the throngs of charged
shoppers and baited bargains
… the small being that someone
who loved us so much sent,
that reaches inside of me.

This baby was a gift, I
believe. God’s way of
touching us with our own
humanity, teaching us
there is a place within,
that Jesus modeled,
where we can always
be naked to naked.

When we unwrap
our Scroogeness,
we have the best
gift possible:
ourselves as
God sees us.

That’s when we
know God’s pure
gaze of love.

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