Friday, April 13, 2012

Not bursting my bubble

Listen to post:
Yesterday's post would have been about bliss, being fully present and acutely aware of  other dimensions. Today has been overtaken by my absolutely least-favorite topic: insurance.

The idea of buying something you hope you never need has always ruffled me. I had thought it would be a minor detail in renting a studio in the re-purposed school in my neighborhood. Think again.

Or maybe it's trust again. Trust that, like receiving a grant for most of the studio rent, the insurance will work out.

Tuesday evening I was cloaked in trust as I was met with my regular Turtlebox Stories spiritual nurture group. Sure, there' s fair bit of prep involved, but when it comes to actually meeting, it is effortless on my part. And not because I don't do anything, but rather because it is so where I belong: doing what I love. That's using what I have learned in nurturing and exploring my spiritual life to assist others and, generally, I learn a lot from them. It's a blessed time of giving and receiving.

It's precisely more of that I want to do in this studio and I am certain this is my calling ... along with writing and making art. I spent two years in school for spiritual-nurture ministry and another 12 practicing it personally and facilitating numerous small groups of all ages, workshops and retreats.

So, really, is an insurance policy going to keep me from it?

I believe not.

I must confess that I am in the process of making a prosperity wheel, an idea generated from a book based on Biblical wisdom about spinning our negative into abundance by blessing everything. I mean everything. I have been using this technique for several weeks and it has worked in my life. Let me count those blessings:
– I received a grant for my studio and work, which was affirmation as well as financial support;
– My husband did his taxes without an extension and we actually know we have a bit more money;
– His business is picking up;
– He has two photo shows, a longtime dream, scheduled;
– We purchased a new car, retiring the wonderful old Jeep before it crashed, burned and cost a lot of       money;
– I am consistently sleeping well;
– I feel stronger than ever and the pain is less;
– A migrant, unfixed stray cat that took up residence on our porch found a home;
– We just traveled to a baby shower for the first of a new generation of Barneys and will be visiting the East Coast soon for my nephew's high-school graduation.

Now the trick is to bless the insurance and trust it will be resolved in the best way.

• What's gotten in my craw lately?
• What happens if I bless it?
• How does adopting a new, positive attitude affect me?
• What blessings can I name in my life?
• What difficulty can I trust to Spirit?

I want to live
in that space of pure bliss
and blessing

then the world
bursting my golden bubble

only if I let it,
I am discovering


  1. Keep it up, Cathy! Sounds like you are doing fabulously well, inside and out!

  2. Well, my dear friend ... I am trying ... thank you! It's not easy to live into Spirit, is it? Dying to know about your new house.