Friday, October 19, 2012

Magic of the red glasses

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RED has always been my favorite color: shiny, red tricycle; warn and well-loved red sailor shirt, kids' size 5; college colors, red and white; binge car, 1996 red Jeep Cherokee with black, leather seats.

And now, alas, I have to say goodbye to my all-time favorite red glasses that have adorned my face six, maybe seven, years. They're plum worn out, surviving through two lens changes and new ear pieces. I've been heading toward a new pair for several years, helping these limp along because I can find nothing else I like.

So, it makes me wonder why I am overly fond of this particular pair. They're loud for one thing, announcing that I AM wearing glasses ... no blending in. Their rectangular shape suits my square face, an astute hair stylish told me once. They're classic RayBans; though I'm not name conscious, I am very appreciative of good, timeless design. And, obviously, they're red. For some reason, I feel like they make my personality sing. To me, they blare artist.

I've tried other pairs on and off, mostly on this week, for a good year and have not found any that speaks to me in the same way; they should considering the cost of my prescription is pretty expensive. The red was an impulse switch at the last moment. After purple, then the beloved red, I have wanted orange. All optical stores, save one, think I'm odd searching for orange. I wish you could select the front of the frames, then side pieces separately: an orange face, purple and green side pieces, Now that would sing.

I wonder what Carl Jung would have to say about all of this. He was a colorful guy.

I understand the time period in which I have worn these bold specs aligns with me emerging from the early mom years into my own again. I went back to school, developed my spiritual nurture work, took up freelance assignments again, graduated from an art table tucked into my kitchen to a garage studio and now one in a former classroom and am feeling my way back into the world. No more hiding and letting the fibromyalgia dictate who I am and limit what I can accomplish. The red glasses screamed otherwise. On truly trying days, putting them on gave me strength and helped me reclaim my identity pre chronic-disease days.

I can hide behind them AND show myself. They're sort of magical.

How do I replace that?

I'm not sure that I do. Perhaps the platinum-and-orange pair I finally discovered signals a new phase. Red symbolizes energy, vitality, strength and strong emotions. Orange denotes balance, warmth and enthusiasm and is less aggressive than red. In terms of the chakra energy centers, red stands for the root, instinct, security and survival. Orange is the sacral chakra and governs relationships, creativity, emotional needs, pleasure, joy and spirituality. Wonder if I don't need the red to scream for me anymore and I'd rather bask in the warmth of the orange because I feel secure. Hmmmmmmm ...

• To what am I clinging lately?
• What message is there for me?
• What colors speak to me?
• How can I interpret those?
• Where am I currently on my journey?

I grabbed them

have held on

hesitating to
let go

have the outlived
their purpose?

am I ready
to move on?

from what?
to what?

what have these
red eyeglasses

and what have
they uncovered?

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