Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Soothing the soul nerves

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Anxiety and anger: What's the difference? What's the connection. Seems like an odd thing to be on my mind in the midst of success with my Artsy Fartsy arts' exploration for at-risk kids and recent word that the program has received another modest grant from a BIG source.

And yet I find it so. Haven't we all found ourselves in the middle of utter bliss when something gnaws at us. A recent astrology reading, my first, with a credible source, may have prompted it for me. Or , perhaps, I am ready to take this on right now, open and trusting because of the flow of grace in my life. The author, astrologist and Jungian expert with a Ph.D from Yale had a few things to reveal about the topics. I wonder what of these may speak to you as well:

Specifically anxiety:
• You have a golden understanding of the nature of the physical body, the mind and emotions and an emotional connection now called psycho-neuro immunology or soul nerves. [This may be what I am trying to unearth in this post.]
• You experience issues with nerves and chronic illness, but not forever, and enjoy ways to rejuvenate. 
• You have lots of nervous energy you must let go.
• Trouble sleeping is caused by not venting your energy enough; it builds if not expressed or blocked.
• When ambient anxiety shows up, it means the mind-body-spirit connection is not working together.
• Swimming (for me, it may be something else for you) burns off nervous energy; you can not underdo physical activity.

Specifically anger:
• Appreciate your anger as assertiveness. Don't REpress it, EXpress it inappropriately, but CONfess it in journals or with a resonator, someone who can hear and hold those feelings.
• Illness arises out of anger that turns around and affects the nerves; if things fester, health problems show up.

The connection/disease:
• Soul is asking you to understand the inner urges and not over do in your life; you can be too demanding of yourself; there are positive ways to deal with it so it doesn't manifest as disease.
• Getting to the root of the problem is required for healing
• When you hear the negative animus, the voice of judgment, it means you given up too much; ask others to pick up the burden.
• Your have a propensity for making mountains out of mole hills: be aware that it's just your nature.

Torn between the two emotions today, I began writing out a prayer, understanding that the anxiety that has bruised my sleep the past few nights is unexpressed anger. That is after I swam a mile to burn some of it off. I ranted and raved at God to let off steam, read it out loud, screamed and began to simmer down. To release and be ready to listen and understand what's happening. Apparently my soul nerves had had enough input and needed output before they exploded.

I think I am teaching myself that it's ok to express these feelings as confession. I only learned repression, possibly because I crave serenity and harmony in my life. I would cower in the dark, quiet basement when, at 16, my twin sister, would argue with my parents. So, I stuffed some of the anger in. That was also a year I struggled with IBS. Hum? I am now finding creative ways to unplug years of eating my anger.

Personally, I see the anxiety-anger connection as a barometer. If I am anxious, then something obviously is pent up. Pretty often I believe it's anger. Several years ago I decorated a black-and-white speckled composition book with a giant M, creating my mad journal. So this isn't all new to me. God has slowly been opening me to my disease. I need it in small chunks at the right time, otherwise, it's just lost on me.

I believe the astrology reading and its lessons came at the appropriate time, as well.

So now that I'm pretty well over my madness and anxiety, I am beginning to realize valuable lessons and that Spirit has been beside me all along this roller-coaster ride called life. Thank heavens!

• How does anxiety show up in my life?
• How does anger?
• What connection is there for me?
• What lessons can I learn?
• How do I see Spirit's imprint in all of this?

awakened and

racing to the
pool to swim
it off

much of it
not all

so I sit,
light a candle
and babble

on and on
in my journal
to God

when things
lift and

trading loneliness
for lightness
and lessons

finding my
soul nerves

and me,
smiling my

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  1. Thank you, ive been writing about this on my blog and some people still don't get that if you do not let those emotions out, it will create negative effects.

    However, there are those who still insists that "Love and light" is the way, when in fact it takes shadow work to heal and transcend. This is a very very good post and I am glad I found it, as it confirms what I felt for a long time.

    Right now, the main reason there is alot of confusion is because people still feel fear and end up chasing away the ones that actually know what is going on because it goes against the whole "love and light" new age beliefs. There is a law called "Cause and effect" where the original intent ends up doing the opposite. Pretending to be happy all the time is not spiritual work when you have alot of shadow work to do.

    Thank you again for this post. very well written and beautifully said.


    PS: my latest post talks about something similar.Hope you get some time to check it out. Also if you dont mind, I will add a link from my blog to yours. People need to see this information and I am happy to help.


  2. Wouldn't we all desire to exclusively bask in the love and light, but alas, there is shadow. Sometimes I find Quakerism confining because people do not want to speak of the darkness. It's thrilling to find someone else who feels similarly! I really appreciate your stopping by, reading and commenting. I will explore your blog. Thanks you!
    -- Cathy

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