Saturday, March 29, 2014

The world, according to Dawn

Ever had one of those moments when you feel detached, VERY aware of what's happening, participating in that moment, yet knowing it's something special?

That happened to me Wednesday during what I thought would be a routine haircut. However, my stylist is anything but hum-drum. She's a hoot and about as unique as they come. She'll tell you exactly what she thinks while giving you the best cut. I've never trusted anyone else to just do whatever they want. She really has a gift and it goes beyond cutting hair. She's had a very hard life, yet risen above it with grace, humor and the goodness to help others with similar paths.

Surprisingly her cubby in the warren of mini-salons was empty when I arrived, about a minute late. So we had time to chat about what I wanted and catch up. Dawn just knows everything. She's given me sound advice on teen girls and helped me open to a sassier look. Her knowledge is earned – from experience. She's even shared a Spirit-moment when, as a child and life looked impossible, something BIGGER let her know it would be okay – and it was. I found her on the recommendation of an artist friend, who said she was a genius with a frankness about life. She needs to write a book, "The World according to Dawn."
courtesy of Stuart Miles and FreeDigitalPhotos.net

As Dawn was finishing me up, a young woman quietly appeared and sat down. Soon a new father showed up and the party was on. Our hostess offered us each a glass of wine. I kept covering mine while the hair flew. The wine was a good antidote to a busy day and evening.

The young woman went to the chair and Dawn began to shave her head. She had an edgy cut, half to her chin and half shaved. Apparently, she'd grown braver after she'd come out. Dawn teased her that she'd always known "since you were nine and wore those baggy clothes and t-shirts." It was affectionate teasing. Dawn doesn't care who you are. Last time, I witnessed as she cut the hair of an older woman with some disabilities. The cut was gorgeous and made the woman shine. Dawn sheared the hair away from her face and her entire demeanor changed. I made a point to share how becoming it was on her.

Dawn told the young woman she shouldn't get any skinnier, to which she responded the stress of an ended relationship was the culprit. "Ok then, let's get you a new cut and a new girlfriend."

While they bantered, I took a few minutes to polish off my cabernet and chat with the new father, a cute IT engineer with an adorable five-week old. I asked all about the birth, how his wife was, the size of the baby and if he slept yet. In the process, I also learned the father is from a region in India called Kerala. We discussed the spicy food, use of coconut milk, how he's been here five years working and brought his wife over two years ago. I confessed I had always wanted to visit India. You should, he encouraged me.

We were this odd, ragtag bunch: a young lesbian, a thirty-something immigrant father and a middle-aged artist chatting away, enjoying each other's company thanks to the salty hospitality of a wise, witty and gritty hair stylist who accepts everyone who darkens her door on THEIR terms.

• When have I been detached and aware of a special circumstance?
• How or where did I see Spirit's hand in it?
• Whom do I know that accepts people for who they are?
• What has that taught me?
• How have I learned to do the same?

I almost called  
to ask if I'd 
be waiting

last time,
my turn
was delayed

while a women
it seems struggles
with life was
on the spot

I was on a
tighter schedule
today and less
than normal

funny thing
is, she was
waiting on me

not another soul
in sight

with my cut
well in progress
and some

strangers began
to trickle in

but the flowing
wine and

made me feel
anything but
strange with
this random

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  1. As the stylist..I am very touched by how I seem to touch the lives of those I truly care about..my clients! As much as the "gifts" of what I do have been expressed here...it is my many clients that have helped to shape the woman and stylist I have become...they(or at least most. ... ) allow me to be exactly who I am with a freedom within the creative talents I have been gifted and unapologetically perfect with every client!

  2. You are, thankfully, one of a kind, Dawn and I am so grateful to have "found" you thanks to Ashley. As I once told my toddler, life is about becoming more of who you are. Keep doing just that. Thank you!