Sunday, March 14, 2010

Forget MasterCard, affirmation is priceless

hy do we [I] seem to think we [I] must do everything ourselves [myself]?

I am getting the ask-God part better than I have, but I still need practice at enlisting the help of others.

Yesterday at a semi-regular retreat I expressed a need to unload myself of creative energy/ministry. I have written about that before. But in that conversation, someone gently reminded me that we're not supposed to do it alone ... that we
should ask.

I didn't know how soon that advice would take root. At the same retreat, I mentioned to another person a Quaker writing-as-ministry conference with blogging as a topic and how appropriate that seemed. She agreed and was encouraging.

This morning, I checked the writing retreat deadlines: THIS WEEK. Yikes, I thought.

And then a thought/voice/Spirit/leading – whatever you choose to call it – began working on me. Even though I have not yet had a clearness committee for ministry, and, normally financial questions are addressed after that, I needed to ask my faith community to send me.

Oh, wonderful, I thought. I have to stumble around and ask for money ... my least favorite thing to do. But it sure wouldn't leave me. I raced around and checked a few things, tossed my manuscripts and a few pieces of artwork in my canvas bag and headed out. First to teach first-day (Sunday) school, then to stand at the meeting for worship with attention to business and make my request.

I was prayerfully agitated, but knew it was my task. I did, however, refrain from letting my inner critic recite all of the reasons I am not worthy of asking. That's pretty big.

The time came and I rose and it just poured out. Maybe too much, maybe not enough. Maybe just the right amount. I knew I'd burst if I didn't, at least, make this attempt. I even shared a poem and accompanying art, thinking some people have no idea what I've been working on and it's only fair to share. So I stumbled through that and some thoughtful questions and concerns about why this conference was right, what I'd get from it and how the meeting could support me since I was outside of the new and carefully crafted ministry process.

And the answer came: "Use the emergency fund; this sounds like an emergency." I was gleefully flabbergasted and so grateful to the friend who made the suggestion.

It really was an emergency. I had felt such urgency and have for weeks. And that was recognized as well as my ministry, my need to spiritually and creatively connect and be nurtured.

I have such gratitude and hope and faith and renewed confidence and a bazillion other things from the group of 20 or so who now know me better, listened, cared and trusted. Now that's priceless.

• When was the last time I really asked for what I needed?
• What's it like when I don't shoulder things alone?
• What's it felt like when my community has supported me?
• How has that drawn me closer – to those people? To God?
• Does it enable me to listen more carefully to my neighbor's request?

a swirling energy
about to make me burst

I think it's mine alone
because I am unsure
that anyone else feels it,
is aware of it

it drives me
drives me crazy

to the point
I am forced to
share and ask
to be unburdened

and I am so
with such love

everyone needs
to know that
kind of community

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