Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Succumbing to the flow

Roaring Fork Creek/Tad Barney photo

Why is the sound of flowing water so healing? As if anything and everything negative will
 flow right out of me.

It’s a brisk, slightly-less-than-50-degree afternoon on the northern edge of Gatlinburg along
the Roaring Fork Creek. All I want to do is sit and listen, gently let the water lull me wherever
it wants.

Much of the lulling is backwards in time, sparked by a stay in cabins my grandfather
discovered in the late 1960s and where my family has returned.

I feel him here and, also my mother, his daughter. She has always loved these particular
mountains and this specific stream. Even though she knew, as a Quaker, I didn’t observe
sacraments such as baptism, she gently splashed my teen daughters as infants. Secretly, 
it delighted me.

So I am called here. To listen, observe, unload, breathe, remember, let go, find my way, see 
Spirit more clearly and discover my peaceful center.

I don’t suppose it’s any accident that I landed here after a week-and-a-half of healing from a 
necessary, but unexpectedly seismic chiropractic shift.

After weeks of feeling really, really well – to the point of broadcasting that my fibro is no lon-
ger in charge – I waltzed into my practitioner one morning saying I felt my body was ready to 
move that day.

And, boy, was it; however, I was unprepared for my physical reaction. I have subconsciously
and intensely fought to return to the old, stiff patterns. The pain was so overwhelming that
I stopped moving, breathing and retreated into my default of curling in on myself. But I
caught myself. I’m not going there again, ever, I said. If I haven’t learned that lesson in 15
years then there as been no silver lining to this experience.

Some old vestiges are still holding on for dear life, but with a lot of help and wisdom from my 
priate cracker (that’s what Lily used to call him), I am letting my spine unwind from years of 
twisted disease.

And the rush water helps. It serves as a reminder to keep moving, that my life is abundant and
 flowing, that it does have direction; to let nature take its course and surrender to Spirit.

Grace helps me understand that this sacred place of family and faith is very much present in 
this process.

• What qualities does water bring to my life?
• As Ii magine a special or sacred spot, where does it lull me?
• When I relax into it, how is Spirit evident?
• From what must I unwind?
• Where can I witness grace in this process?


marching forward
and pulling me

yet willingly,
helping me
let go of
the unnecessary,
the useless

and the things
that hold me back

I want to succomb to the flow of
the living water

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