Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Ever dream

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So, what, really, is coincidence and what is Divine intervention? I am beginning to think there is no coincidence.

As you know, I moved into my new studio last week. Thursday, to be exact. I spent the next few days settling in and getting acquainted with my new environment -- it's pretty interesting with 15 empty classrooms. I am not getting too comfortable as I expect to be moving when another space, my first choice (though I really like where I am), is vacated, cleaned up and available.

It's all very exciting and making tangible so many things that have danced in my heart and head. It is also a balance in continuing to prayerfully listen and discern before moving too quickly to fill this space and my time. Not always easy to explain when someone excitedly asks: "When will you be open?" "What, exactly, are you doing right now?" I am beginning to respond honestly: "Getting organized and prayerfully listening to God to know which piece comes next." It's a very freeing answer, but so counter-cultural.

I am attempting to keep myself out of the getting busy-just-to-be-busy mode.

Sunday, I attended weekly Quaker worship and could hardly wait to announce my joyful news. It was met with wide smiles and surprise that it had finally happened. I don't remember specifically what I babbled, but I must have said where my new studio was – not that too many people would know.

But someone did. Someone I had observed the past several weeks attending, but not had the opportunity to meet. He approached me: "We'll, now we're neighbors," he said. I did not understand until he explained he is the supervisor of the special-needs school occupying the middle section of the old school into which I just moved. Can you imagine?

What are the chances? What is the coincidence?

None and there isn't one. God has sent me instant companionship and is already at work creating community right here. Travis stopped in on Monday and we sat for a few minutes, had a cup of tea and discovered we are both interested in spiritual direction/nurture and connecting more deeply with others.

As I write this, I am getting chills because this is so over the top. I have also discovered 2012 is the 100th anniversary of the opening of this building and the section where I am located. After being closed five or so years, I think it's time to reinvigorate what was once a bustling community. And I think it is already happening. All I have really done is move in ... and listen.

My prayer is that I continue to listen.

• What seeming coincidence can I remember?
• How can I see that it was something more?
• How was God at work?
• How often do I chalk things up to something other than Spirit working?
• Why am I resistant to acknowledging these mysterious and wonderful workings?

so often I have felt
alone with my dream

as I were the only one
involved, making things
happen and in charge

then something too
unnatural occurs,
capturing my attention,

demanding that I
recognize I am such
a small, but significant
player in something

so much bigger and
grander than I could
ever dream

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