Friday, January 15, 2010

Shadow play

Anybody else a little antsy about the economic picture?

I try not to be, but it is affecting our daily lives and I observe what it’s doing to others. I also see the positive impact of hunkering down, spending and wasting less, growing more of our own food, more quality time with family and friends, turning inside ... I think it makes me more grateful and less busy with the business of the world ... work, spend, work, spend, drain yourself dry ...

I appreciate honesty and wonder why it is that, out in the world, some go on as before. Life is change and I don’t know how we can ever go back to before, whatever that place is. It’s just occurred to me on a deep level (it always takes that bodily knowing for me to really understand) that things are not going back to how they were and if I don’t learn how to cope with change in a healthy way when it’s just money, how will I ever learn when it’s something much more important.

My shamanic counselor says it’s a fear of not surviving and located in the lowest chakra and feeling cut off from maternal and mother earth’s love. He’s always right even if it takes me weeks, months or years to figure that out. He talked about how it’s so easy to live up in the higher chakras in Lala Land, but it’s more interesting and messier in the underworld of the lower chakras.

And somehow that underworld has been pulling at me recently by renewing my interest in vampires and the dark side of things. I think it’s a call to play in the mud -- more deeply explore my shadow and wild side.

Anyone else ready for a mud pie?

• Where in the body chakrawise do I tend to live?
• Am I being called elsewhere?
• What/where haven’t I explored?
• How is my life changing?
• Am I adapting?

You can’t be whole
unless you give me
all of the parts of yourself
even the dark and diseased

Silly for you to think
I only want the perfect
parts. You can’t be whole
or healed unless you give
me ALL of them

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